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1  Busy

2  Cheap/Taste
3  Healthy
4  Thesis


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Research Paper Part 4

Professor Stevens, English 100

Your thesis is made up of two parts:

·         OPENING REMARKS in BLACK (below): A few sentences (50-100 words) to engage the reader in reading the essay.

·         DO NOT provide supporting examples or details that address your topic; BE VERY INFROMAL The THESIS is in YELLOW below; it is created by copying your “Topic Sentences” from the beginning of each of your paragraphs into the first paragraph of your paper.

·         If your topic sentences are not any good, your thesis will be nonsense. Hence, make sure that your topic sentences are well written. Put into 1st paragraph of your paper


            I am not a college student, yet. So, I cannot provide much more than my personal plan to enter a prosperous career as a teacher. Yes, I want to be successful. Hence, over the years I have developed a personality that promotes success; I hide my “weird” better than most. As long as I hide my true cunning, devious personality from others, I can fake it in all my college classes. Although I am weird, my friends, habits and job promote my college plans. Firstly, my friends and I have a positive influence on me, which helps me stay focused on college; they have good habits. Also, I have several good habits that help reduce stress and keeps me focused on my homework. Secondly, although I put things off, I always get my homework. Thirdly, I have a great part-time job, which provides the necessary money to go to college. Lastly, I take care of myself by eating healthy food. So, I have many positive character traits that will help me on my path to success. Hence, I really have great qualities to help me finish college.



Firstly,              (Beginning 1st topic sentence)
Secondly,         (Beginning 2nd topic sentence)
Lastly,              (Beginning 3rd topic sentence)


Mature Opening Remarks and Thesis (shaded)

            Fast food is so good; I get excited about my next super meal at one of my many fast food restaurants near my work and home; I crave it. Most of my friends, young and old, can’t make themselves steer clear of a quick yummy meal from McDonald’s, especially the Big Mac with an enormous French fries and a gigantic drink with unlimited free refills. I am extremely pleased to say fast food was created on the idea of high volume and cheap food that I can snatch up at a drive-thru window.  When it comes to eating, I spend a lot of my food budget on fast food.  Thankfully fast food restaurants do anything it takes to save me 5 cents on its meat and fries. Firstly, I eat a lot of fast food due to its low costs, convenience and appeal. Secondly, fast food workers benefit from working in it restaurants; on the other hand, fast food workers are exploited by the fast food management. Thirdly, there are both negative and positive effects on the fast food restaurant workers. Lastly, fast food franchises’ large portions promotes over eating which leads to childhood and adult poor health.


Opening remarks and Thesis:


           I have really tried to be a better student than I was in high school.  However, I have discovered during my first year of collage that “trying” doesn’t count.  In high school “trying” counted because most of my teachers gave me a “pity” grade for trying—really, really hard. Hence, I graduated from high school blowing math off and faking my English classes.  Well, I guess I showed them—my teachers that is, indeed, I was an expert at faking it because they never found me out.  In college I discovered that my high school teachers most likely knew that I was faking it, but they passed me just to keep us quiet, especially my mom.  It worked.  I guess I showed them.  I suppose in college I am going to have to stop trying to learn and faking it and “do” it even though I have many valid reasons why I am not a successful college student, they (excuses) do not encourage success. I cannot have both; I can either choose excuses or success.  Firstly, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Secondly, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Lastly, now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.